10.30am & 2.00pm

Our services are usually one and a half hours and in the following order:

Hymn – Reading from the Holy Scriptures – Prayer – Hymn – Sermon – Hymn – Benediction


Tuesday 7pm Prayer Meeting  –  Thursday 7pm Preaching Service


Unless otherwise stated our Pastor will preach

Visiting Ministers

Special Services

Good Friday Service. Friday 19th April 10am

Anniversary Services. Friday 5th July Mr Gerald Buss 4pm & 6.30pm

Thanksgiving Services. Friday 6th September Mr Timothy Parish 4pm & 6.30pm

Christmas Service. Wednesday 25th December 9.30am


January 13th Dr Peter Wilkins
February 24th Mr Paul Tyler
March 31st Mr Joseph Rutt
May 19th Mr Timothy Parish
  26th Prayer Meeting AM
Mr Brian Mercer PM
June 16th Prayer Meeting AM
Preaching Service PM
  23rd Mr John Rosier
July 14th Mr Mark Seymour
August 18th Mr Paul Tyler
  25th Prayer Meeting AM
Preaching Service PM
September 8th Mr Andrew Woodhams
  15th Mr Paul Austen
  22nd Prayer Meeting AM
Mr Charles Warboys PM
  29th Mr Mark Seymour
October 6th Prayer Meeting AM
Mr Brian Mercer PM
  20th Mr David Cornford AM
Dr Peter Wilkins PM
December 22nd Mr James Burgess


January 1st No Prayer Meeting
March 5th No Prayer Meeting
  14th No Service
April 4th No Service
  9th Preaching Service
  11th Prayer Meeting
  18th No Service
  19th Good Friday Service 10am
  23rd No Prayer Meeting
  30th No Prayer Meeting
May 7th No Prayer Meeting
  21st Preaching Service
  23rd Prayer Meeting
  28th No Prayer Meeting
  30th Prayer Meeting
June 4th Mr Rowland Wheatley
  6th Prayer Meeting
  13th Mr Marcus Funnell
  27th No Service
July 4th No Service
  5th Anniversary Services 4pm & 6.30pm
  11th Mr Gilbert Hyde
  18th Mr John Hart
August 1st No Service
  2nd Preaching Service
  27th No Prayer Meeting
September 3rd No Prayer Meeting
  5th No Service
  6th Thanksgiving Services 4pm & 6.30pm
  12th Mr Marcus Funnell
  19th Mr Paul Tyler
  26th Mr John Rosier
October 3rd No Service
  10th Mr John Rosier
  15th No Prayer Meeting
  22nd Preaching Service
  24th No Service
  31st Mr Michael Pickett
December 24th No Prayer Meeting
  25th Christmas Service 9.30am
  26th No Service

In accordance with Holy Scripture ladies have their heads covered for divine worship, whilst men do not. 1 Corinthians chapter 11:4-10.

In prayer we use ‘Thee’ and ‘Thou’ out of reverence for Almighty God and in accordance with the Holy Scriptures.